We are so impressed with their understanding and knowledge of growing the business through social media. We are very proud to be working with True Food Collective and highly recommend using them for their vast knowledge and eagerness to educate others in marketing and growing a business!
— Stephanie, White Stag Farms

Gifted teacher and presenter, full of knowledge and experience. I came home and got to work updating Facebook. It was an excellent workshop.
Hope there will be more.
— Sonja, Apple Pond Farm

Welcome, we're glad you're here.

That's me, Danielle on the left, and my wife and business partner, Jennifer on the right. We're two capricorns on a mission to help farm, food, lifestyle and destination brands succeed using the power of social media and digital marketing.

For the past 22 years, I've had my hand in marketing - working with businesses big and small, across all platforms and genres. Working in print, radio and now social/digital, I've seen marketing shift like never before - and at such a rapid speed. I'm constantly reading, researching and educating myself to keep up on trends and best practices - so our clients don't have to.

Jennifer, is a systems and solutions powerhouse - and a Facebook Ads ninja! She's worked in communications, sales, distribution, and marketing for the past 18 years - and has the gift of making businesses run efficiently and effectively.

Why True Food Collective?

Social media and digital marketing has flipped the script. Instead of hoping you’re reaching the right people, you can actually target your future customers and guests. You have the opportunity to build brand awareness, connections, advocates, and influencers.

Tap into our expertise, resources and deep commitment to our craft - let us do what we’re good at so you can do what you’re good at - running and building your business.

Reach out - it costs nothing…